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Sheetz Vs. Wawa: The Movie is the official documentary about one of America’s greatest rivalries.
To some, the roadside gas station, also known as a convenience store, is a necessary evil as part of an enjoyable road trip. But for some people in the northeastern U.S., a convenience store is more than a stop, it’s a destination.
Sheetz started in Western Pennsylvania, Wawa on the eastern side of the state. Decades later, each has grown to be a full service, one-stop shop. Like two squirrels fighting for the last acorn before the winter snows, the friendly rivalry between Sheetz and Wawa lovers has seeped deep into the culture of the region. It’s the kind of thing you ask on the first date. Parents hope to pass their own affiliation down to their children. Team Sheetz or Team Wawa? But if you ask the people in the area, you can’t have it both ways.
So, which is better? In Sheetz Vs. Wawa The Movie, filmmaker Matthew Fridg sets out to settle the debate once and for all and in the process learn why the fierce love of two convenience stores in Pennsylvania matters to people everywhere.

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Matthew Fridg is an EMMY®-nominated filmmaker. He has produced work for Facebook, NFL, Discovery Channel, Fox, GNC, Velocity Network, Freethink Media, Martin Guitar and more. His passion is telling compelling stories with a cinematic approach.

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Matthew is keenly aware of the unique rivalry between Sheetz and Wawa. He is also passionate about telling the story of not only the stores but the interesting people that are passionate about their convenience store affiliation.

More about Matthew at matthewfridg.com.


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