Rivalry Sheetz Vs. Wawa in Philly.com

Sheetz Vs Wawa rivalry in Philly.com

Photo Credit: Jessica Griffin

Sheetz Vs Wawa: The Movie, which highlights the heated PA rivalry, recently appeared in a Philly.com article.

But perhaps no statewide rivalry ignites the passion in Pennsylvanians’ stomachs quite like that of Wawa vs. Sheetz.

Now, one Pennsylvania filmmaker is developing a documentary called Sheetz Vs. Wawa about the beloved convenience store chains and the rivalry that’s developed between their fanatical fan bases.

In promotional material for his film, documentarian Matthew Fridg makes a lofty and, frankly, a dangerous claim: that his movie will decide, once and for all, whether Wawa or Sheetz is better.

Stephanie Farr introduced the film to her Philly based readers sparking a run on the Facebook poll. Before the article ran Sheetz was up 59% to 41%. But after the article, Wawa has taken the lead.

Sheetz Vs Wawa rivalry Facebook Poll

You can cast your vote right here:

We are excitd to see the Philly crew representing on the poll. But is Team Sheetz gonna sit by quietly?

Check out Stephanie’s Philly.com article here.

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  • Kelly November 12, 2019   Reply →

    Wawa is the best! Lol I always tell people wawa never closes and never lets you down!

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