Are Wawa Hoagies Any Good?

Wawa Hoagies Are Just Not That Good

First of all, don’t shoot the messenger. Drew Lazor recently wrote an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer expressing his professional opinion on Wawa’s hoagie and touchscreen food in general.

Drew feels that Wawa’s famous hoagies are “consistently bland, no better or worse than Jimmy John’s or Subway.” To some, that’s enough to start an all out nuclear war. He goes on to say that, “…in a town renowned for its sandwiches, it’s not bratty to want better. It’s just honest.”

Before you get out your pitchforks, he brings up a good point. There is a nostalgia for the old days, when Wawa was smaller and more intimate. Where you could get bread, deli meats and there were no gas pumps. But since then, Wawa has embarked on a multi-state expansion with over 800 stores. The quality of the food has slowly decreased but instead of a mass exodus, Wawa fans held tighter to their love of the beloved convenience store. But should we admit that the food is just not that good?

Drew goes on to say:

But big-picture Philly pride is precisely what should shape our conversations about Wawa in 2018. We should be proud that a corporation like Wawa is headquartered here and remains privately owned, partly by its 30,000-plus employees. We should be proud that it is ambitiously reinvesting in Center City, a decade after unceremoniously abandoning it. We should be proud that it’s partnering with small local breweries to create specialty beers.

So, what do you think? Is it possible to get an objective, unemotional response? We hope that Sheetz Vs. Wawa: The Movie will be able to get close to bringing this rational argument to the big screen. Until then, send your heated thoughts to Drew.

Read the entire article here.

Featured image credit: Tom Gralish

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